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The experienced trust administration lawyers of Susan Stricklin Wilson help people create trusts to ensure that their assets are properly managed and held for the future use of their family members or designated beneficiaries. The assets held by a trust can be used to pay for necessary medical, educational and health-related expenses for the trust’s beneficiaries. Because a trust is designed to exist for a certain period of time, the courts require that a trustee is chosen to administer and be responsible for the management of the trust.

Trusts may be included in your will or as a separate legal entity. Sometimes trusts are used to avoid the probate process or to minimize estate and income taxes. When you transfer ownership of your assets to a trust, this can remove those assets from your taxable estate and minimize your federal and state taxes. You can also transfer your assets to a charitable trust, and this allows you to enjoy the use of your assets during your lifetime while maximizing the estate tax charitable deduction. Attorneys Susan Wilson and Barbara Meserveprovide sound counsel so you can make the best decisions regarding your estate.

Responsibilities of the trustee

When a trust has been established, there will be on-going administration tasks that include:

  • Preparation and filing of 1041 tax returns

  • Investment of trust assets, if necessary

  • Inventory and appraisal of trust assets

  • Accounting and keeping beneficiaries notified

  • Appropriate distribution of property or other assets

  • Upon death of person, notify beneficiaries

Skilled trust administration lawyers Susan Wilson and Barbara Meserve can assist you with trustee responsibilities.

Trust litigation

Disputes over trusts can result in litigation. We can represent your interest in any trust dispute, including:

  • Beneficiary challenging the conduct of the trustee

  • Improper management

  • Failure to honor terms of trust

  • Mismanagement or misappropriation of trust property

  • Failure to account to beneficiaries

  • Contesting the validity of trust and/or will

Assisting you with establishing and administering trusts in California

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